5 Lives That Were Saved By Marijuana

With the recent wave of legalized recreational marijuana usage, new health concerns have been raised. A small proportion of health professionals believe that the compound element found in Marijuana, THC, can have adverse effects on it’s millions of recreational users. To combat these claims, we’ll take a look at how Mary Jane helped save the lives of otherwise defeated patients and why the following cases helped pave the way for us recreational tokers.

Numero Uno – Cheryl Shuman

Celebrity Cheryl Shuman was a cancer patient taking over 25 different pharmaceutical drugs each and every day. She used a morphine pump frequently to alleviate her chronic pain and, at her worst, a colostomy bag. She described herself as a “vegetable” in those days. After only 90 days of medicinal cannabis use, she was healed and back to work full time. Now, Shuman operates the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and has been featured on the talk show circuit, spreading the word about the healing powers of marijuana.

The Second Coming – Kristen Courtney

With a number of diagnoses including rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, Kristen Courtney was on a cocktail of over 40 different medications. She was bedridden for a little over four years for her constant medical problems, and her family believed she would die soon. After a little over a month of juicing raw cannabis, her pain disappeared and she began to heal  and lead a normal life.

Three’s A Crowd – Cashy Hyde

Cashy Hyde was only two years old when he was diagnosed with a deadly stage 4 brain tumor. Going through conventional chemotherapy treatment and stem cell therapy, he began wasting away. He stopped eating, would vomit throughout the day, and his parents were told he would die. It was only after they began adding cannabis oil to his feeding tube that he began eating again and restored some quality to his short life. While Cashy ultimately died from the invasive brain tumor, his parents credit cannabis with keeping him alive as long as he was and for giving him a reason to smile in his final days.

Fourplay – Charlotte Figi

Charlotte’s name has become somewhat synonymous with the miraculous powers of cannabis. Suffering from a seizure disorder that could not be cured, doctors wanted to put her in a medical coma. Many of the hundreds of seizures she experienced each week of her little life nearly killed her. At age 5, she was given the opportunity to use cannabis oil under Colorado’s medical marijuana laws. Her seizures stopped immediately. Now, she is a completely different child.

Five Guys – Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson is known for inventing hemp-oil medicine that he claims treated his own skin cancer after he was a ‘chemical zombie’ from all the drugs he had taken as a cancer sufferer.  After curing himself and hundreds of others with his cannabis oil, Rick tried to take his medicine to Canadian authorities. However, the move backfired and the authorities tried to prosecute him. Today, Rick is considered a hero in the medical marijuana world with a huge following of believers.  Watch his documentary, ‘Run From The Cure’ and see for yourself.


In conclusion, we are still yet to fully understand the powers or effects of Cannabis, but the evidence suggests that it is all positive. With zero deaths being attributed to the herb, we can’t see much of a downside.

Keep tokin’ Ents!


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