About TUJ

Who Are We?

Well. There’s no “we” here. It’s “me”, to be more precise. My name’s Luke Hyde. I was born in Salford, Manchester on the 21st of February, 1994. My main aim is to reach the masses who have yet to be reached, to inspire and motivate the down-and-outs and to give those of you who need daily inspiration a bit of a push.

What does The Universal Journey do, exactly?

The aim of this blog is to inspire and awaken those who need it. That’s achieved by finding daily situations that wouldn’t normally arise much interest, and deciphering the messages that each of these events bring. This is done by visiting conventions, taking part in events, meeting new people and of course, noting my day to day life as well as taking helpful insights from yours.

Mission Statement…

  • To help others achieve a sense of awareness in the sense of realising that the world around them isn’t just a day by day routine.
  • To motivate readers to stimulate their brains and achieve higher success within themselves.
  • To make a change to the way the world lives.

Contact me! I’ll always be happy to help you. I check my emails regularly and will always do my best to reply to you as fast as I possibly can.



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